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Terms of Service


Fellig.org is a service provided by Fellig e.V. in the hope to give Furrys and fans of the Furry fandom and everybody who is into animals and plants and other beings in general a home for their online activity. The page should provide services for communication, posting of Artwork of all kinds and organizing meetings (later called Events).

The service is provided in a way that should make users feel home and secure, respecting their needs of modern communication and protecting security and privacy.

The service also has the goal of archiving published data. This is to avoid the digital loose of works when the author is no longer interested can no longer care for the works. While this is a goal of the service it can not be guaranteed to be working so every user is encouraged to do backups.

General rules

  • Any data found on this service must not be used in a way that could harm rights, security and privacy or harm the dignity of any being nor may this service be used in such a way.
  • If a user provides any public information (including but not limited to profile information and public posts) those information must be correct to the knowledge of the posting user.
  • Using this service for spamming, phishing, assumption of authority or impersonation of someone else, glorification of violence or spreading hate based on race or species is not permitted.
  • If posted information is not suitable for the general public (for example because of it's sexual nature or because it displays some person other than the posting user) it must be tagged as such.
  • Every data published via this services must not contain any DRM (Digital Restriction Management). Encryption to personal cryptographic keys of individuals is not considered DRM.
  • Every data published via this services must be under a license and in a technical way that allows non-commercial republication and public archiving.
  • The user is responsible for every action (including but not limited to posting data) that happens using the user's account or session (if not logged in). This includes but is not limited to any copyright related claims by any third party.
  • In case a user does not comply with this Terms of Service Fellig.org can terminate any contract and band the user temporary or permanently from the service.

Use of Fellig.org Accounts

  • Every natural and non-natural person is free to register an Fellig.org account.
  • Accounts may be locked and cleaned of personal data at any time on request of the user. Deleting accounts is not possible.
  • Fellig.org may consider accounts dead and can lock, clean personal data from them or delete them if the account has been inactive (no logins happened in that time) for at least one year and the owner of the account could not be reached within two weeks.
  • At the moment any user registering an account must have the legal capacity to do so.
  • Registering Accounts for non-beings like soft toys are not allowed.
  • Anonymous registrations of natural persons are welcome. Fellig.org may terminate any contract and terminate the service for such users at any time without prior notice.
  • Accounts registered by non-natural persons must clearly stat this fact. This can be done by adding information to the profile such as Company name and registration numbers.

Use of the Event Portal and RegSys

  • When a user registers to any Event this user accepts the condition of participation of the given event.
  • The host of any event must clearly stat the condition of participation for the event.
  • If a host registeres an guest the host needs to do this based on prior acknowledgment of the guest else the guest is not bound to the condition of participation while the host still is.
  • If a guest does not comply the condition of participation the host can terminate the contract with the guest at any time and remove the guest from the Event. In this case the guest can not claim any money back.
  • The contract of participation will only be in place between the host and guest. Fellig.org only works as third party providing communication between the host and guest.

Use of the OpenID and Fellig SSO service

  • When the user makes use of the OpenID or Fellig SSO service the user allows to transmit personal data to the service requesting login via OpenID or Fellig SSO.
  • The information that will be transmitted will be displayed before they are transmitted.
  • Prior to transmitting of any user specific data the user is asked and can cancel the transmission.

Final clause

  • Fellig.org is allowed to shut down parts or all of it's services temporary for maintenance at any time without prior notice.
  • Fellig.org is allowed to terminate any user contract or shut down any service or part of a service or all services for a specific user if that user uses the service or services to an extent that the load can not be handled by Fellig.org and would harm other legitimate users.
  • While Fellig.org tries to run a stable service loose of data can happen. In such an event there can not be any legal claims against Fellig.org.
  • Fellig.org is allowed to change this Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. If the Terms of Service are changed users will accept them automatically at the next login.
  • If a provision of this Terms of Service is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect: the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Terms of Service; or the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Terms of Service.
Onlion users:
Jeder Autor ist alleinig für seine Werke verantwortlich.
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