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Welcome to Fellig.org.

Turan auf der Tigerranch
[Image: Source and ©: http://www.tigerranch.de/]
The following translation is a draft. It is at best incomplete and at worst completely broken. Help translating.

Here we want to give our Users the posibility to express themselfs in the form of Arts and ???. Of cause do we want our users to exchange where ideas. because of this we also offer a PM-System and an IRC Channel for our users to talk beside your Forum, comment and PM systems.

Fellig.org offers a lot of other services, too. The currently biggest project beside this website is our event portal. A list of all project can be found here. This is why we see this site as a small Furry Portal you can help us to let it grow!

As allrady mentioned do we host several projects and hope you will be interested in those.

The Fellig.org Team wishs you an nice time.

New Arts:
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Chobit doe 3031 Day(s) old
Chii? ^^ 3066 Day(s) old
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Patek Philippe 1249 Day(s) old
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audemars piguet 1249 Day(s) old
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ph3-der-loewe Update: Terms of Service 2014-03-26 12:35:21
We updated our Terms of Service today. This is one of those steps we needed to go
as part of the founding of Fellig e.V.. We also updated our Imprint to reflect the
changes (both in our organizational structure and the changed Terms of

If there are any problems or questions please let us know! See the Imprint for a
list of ways to contact us.

Thank you for using this service and have a joyful day!
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ph3-der-loewe Spam/Side abuse from AOL and Google 2013-05-24 16:42:28

because of the massive and ongoing spam and abuse from AOL and Google clients I blacklisted
all AOL and Google mail addresses for registration.
I also locked some existing accounts. If I locked your account and you are a legitimate
user just contact me and I will unlock it.

For those who's account got locked, and I don't see any activity (or legitimate
posts) I consider to delete them somewhen soon.

If you want to register and have a Google E-Mail address please contact me so I can
manually allow it. As AOL was even less cooperative we can not do that for AOL users.
You need a E-Mail address at any other provider for registration.
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ph3-der-loewe RNF Sommerfest 2012 2012-08-11 19:08:06
flum ihr,

ich möchte euch herzlichst zum RNF Sommerfest einladen:
Es findet am 8. September wie immer im Herzogenriedpark in Mannheim

Alle Infos und Anmeldung findet ihr hier:

Wir freuen uns euch dort zu treffen!
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